Top LED TVs on Today’s Market



Every single day we see technology take huge steps forward in key fields all around the world. From the way you consume our food to how you get treated at the hospital, everything is changing. One particular area that is experience tech innovation at an historic level is that of home entertainment. There are more options for entertainment than ever before and that has made it difficult for tech companies to stand out from the crowd. When you think of home entertainment where does your mind immediately go to? The living room, right? Gathering around a big-screen LED TV to watch the newest movies, play the newest games, or catch the latest sporting events has become a ritual in homes across America. Today you are going to read about the top 3 big screen LED TVs on the marketplace.

Top 3 Big-Screen LED TVs:

  • LG OLED55E6P
  • Samsung KS9000
  • Vizio SmartCast P55-c


Starting off this list you are going to be introduced to the LG OLED55E6P, When shopping for a big-screen LED television you are going to want something with premium picture quality and that is what will lead you to the LG OLED55E6P. This television features the best picture qualit of any television on the market and you won’t think that is hyperbole after sitting down for even a few minutes. The LG OLED55E6P is a 4K television that has a deep array of features including a smart interface that is easy to use and even easier to learn. The LG OLED55E6P is a lightweight television that is literally more slim than an iPhone 6. You are seriously looking at a TV that is as thin as a plane of glass. Colors are vibrant, the picture is dynamic, and even the sound comes through nice and clear thanks to a pair of 40w built in speakers facing the viewer. This is an expensive television, no doubt, but it is also the nicest one available for sale right now.


  • This TV has the most vibrant picture on the market and it is not matched by any competitors.
  • Lightweight and easy to install, the LG OLED55E6P optimizes efficiency.
  • The smart web interface is easy to use and actually adds value to the television rather than being a quirk you’ll forget about.

Samsung KS9000

Next up you are going to be looking at the Samsung KS9000. Samsung is a juggernaut in the tech field so it makes sense that they have a great TV in their lineup. The Samsung KS9000 is widely regarded as one of the best televisions on the market due to its crystal clear picture. The KS9000 is a 4K LED TV with perfect colors and a picture that is clear from every angle. The depth of field, color, and contrast on this television are second to only the LG model you were introduced to above. The only downside is the HDMI port isn’t built into the TV, rather an external device.


  • This television has the most vibrant colors on the market.
  • Viewpoints from every angle maintain the high quality you would expect from the Samsung KS9000.
  • This is a more affordable 4K television than other top options on the list.

Vizio SmartCast P55-c

The final TV that you’ll be introduced to is the Vizio SmartCast P55-C. Vizio has been quietly providing less expensive versions of great televisions for years and their SmartCast P55-c is as good of an offer as they’ve put together. This 4K TV has a 240hz refresh rate as well as built in HDR technology, allowing for a crisper and more vibrant image then you are likely used to. Probably the biggest draw to the SmartCast is its intuitive interface that is coupled with the table side remote control. The smart features on this television are plentiful and you will get the full usage out of the TV if you spend time learning the manual. Owners also like that the SmartCast P55-C has five HDMI ports to optimize your ability to hook up your gadets.


  • This TV has the best ‘smart’ layout of all the options.
  • The refresh rate and HDR rendering gives this TV a crisp image.
  • This is the most affordable big-screen LED on the list.


Coming together around the TV for a game or movie has been a time honored tradition. With the TV’s listed above you will now be able to enjoy that tradition in a way that you hever never experienced before.