Top Five Portable Oxygen Concentrators



Portable oxygen concentrators provide more than oxygen, they grant the freedom of mobility. Also known as POCs, portable oxygen concentrators are compact, lightweight machines that administer oxygen therapy to patients at high concentrations. Portable oxygen concentrators come in pulse or continuous flow, depending on patients’ needs. Plus flow means that oxygen is delivered in puffs, while continuous flow does not have any breaks. These mobile oxygen concentrators are made from lightweight materials and can be charged quickly with AC or DC supply. The size and weight of portable oxygen concentrators make them ideal for travel, with robust battery life and quick charging through wall outlets or in the car. Some weight less than five pounds and can be easily carried in a backpack or tote bag. The top five portable oxygen concentrators include the Inogen One G4, Caire Medical Airsep Focus, ActivOx 4L, DeVilbiss iGo and the XPO2.

Inogen One G4

The Inogen One G4 is one of the lightest pulse portable oxygen concentrators available, complementing the most active lifestyles without missing a beat. At 2.8 pounds, this machine weighs about as much as a purse, easily carried via an attachable shoulder strap or in a handy black carrying case. It’s also compact, at only just over 7 inches tall and about 6 inches wide. To allow users to stay on the go, the Inogen One G4 comes with multiple battery options. Users can choose from a single-battery or double-battery model, or the model with one single and one double battery for added time. It also comes with both AC and DC power supply adapters. There are three flow rate settings to choose from, and the Inogen One G4 is designed to run 24/7. This portable oxygen concentrator runs about $2,500.


  • Weighs 2.8 pounds
  • Single or double battery
  • Comes with attachable strap

Caire Medical Airsep Focus

The Caire Medical Airsep Focus is one of the smallest pulse flow portable oxygen concentrators on the market, ideal for active users. Measuring around 6 inches tall and 5 inches wide, this compact portable oxygen concentrator weighs only 1.75 pounds. It’s convenient to carry, whether by attaching a shoulder strap or in a convenient carrying case. The drawback to this portable oxygen concentrator is that it doesn’t have a terribly long battery life. It comes with two lithium ion batteries that last for about three hours each, depending on the flow rate setting used. It also comes with both AC and DC power options for charging via an outlet. This portable oxygen concentrator runs about $1,700.


  • The smallest concentrator at only 1.75 pounds
  • Battery lasts about three hours
  • Ideal for people on the go

ActivOx 4L

The ActivOx 4L is a portable oxygen concentrator with an impressive battery life. Lasting around 10.25 hours on a single charge, the ActivOx 4L has the most powerful battery around. This portable oxygen concentrator is ideal for consumers who need to travel long distances or work on a consistent basis, as there’s no need to sit by an outlet all day waiting for a battery to charge. This unit is also compact at 9 inches by 8 inches, and weighs less than 5 pounds. The ActivOx 4L also has a variety of settings, including Auto Mode, which adjusts to individual breathing patterns.


  • Battery life of 10.25 hours
  • Compact and weighs less than 5 pounds
  • Auto mode feature adjusts to individual breathing patterns

DeVilbiss iGo

The DeVilbiss iGo is a 3-liter portable oxygen concentrator that offers users greater control over oxygen output. Users can change flow rates from 1 liter per minute (LPM) all the way up to 6 LPM. The DeVilbiss iGo is heavier than many others, weighing 19 pounds. While it’s not easy to carry around, users can opt for a rolling carry case for easy transport. There are built-in handles that make it easy to move and turn over the device, as well as a cannula of up to 50 feet for more freedom. This comprehensive portable oxygen concentrator runs around $2,700.


  • 3-liter portable oxygen concentrator
  • Heavier than others at 19 pounds
  • Cannula of up to 50 feet can be attached


The XPO2 is an ideal portable oxygen concentrator for those who use one of these units on a regular basis. This unit allows users to retain their favorite settings, without having to recreate them each time the machine is turned on. The XPO2 has five pulse flow settings and Sensi-Pulse technology, which ensures the right amount of oxygen for each user. At 6 pounds, this portable oxygen concentrator works well for travel, and has been approved by the FAA for air travel. The battery only lasts for about 3 hours, requiring either AC/DC power or an external battery while the original charges. This portable oxygen concentrator costs around $3,000,


  • Sensi-Pulse technology for optimal saturation
  • Weighs about 6 pounds
  • Approved by the FAA


Portable oxygen concentrator provide the freedom and independence that many users cherish. There’s no need to stay at home when these portable oxygen concentrators provide everything you need.