Top 8 Free Apps that Travelers Can’t Live Without



When it comes to traveling the world, certain major concerns immediately come to mind. People are concerned about safety. Everyone worries about a language barrier. Most tourists worry about getting lost. Vacationers tend to worry about having enough money or converting currency. Others just want to make sure they don’t miss out on a delicious meal of iconic landmark. Fortunately, the advances made in technology have solved many of these problems with free phone apps. When it comes to the best free travel apps, TripIt, Weather+Free, Goby, Free Wi-Fi Finder, Google Translate, OANDA Currency Converter, GasBuddy, and Hotel Tonight.

Top 8 Free Apps that Travelers:

  • TripIt
  • Weather+Free
  • Goby
  • Free Wi-Fi Finder
  • Google Translate
  • OANDA Currency Converter
  • GasBuddy
  • Hotel Tonight


TripIt is a must-have app for any world traveler. This app allows people to plan out their trip down to the destination, start and end date, and even fill in detailed itineraries during the date range. Better yet, forward any plane tickets, train tickets, or rental car reservations right to the app. TripIt will build it for you.


  • This is an itinerary building app.
  • It can even interpret ticket purchases and other reservations.
  • It can handle lodging and restaurant details.


There are numerous weather apps available, many of them free, but few can handle multiple international locations at once. Instead of trying to decipher weather reports from newspapers or a TV, especially in a foreign language, rely on Wether+Free. It even has the local time along with detailed weather information that can put a wrench into travel plans.


  • This free weather app is in English.
  • It can handle international locations across the world.
  • It even shows the local time.


Sometimes, figuring out what it actually happening during the date range of your visit is a challenge. Other times, people get the feeling that they’re missing something when typically crowded streets are empty. Now, rely on Goby to have the most updated information on current events in a location. It can help people figure out what the most popular events are so tourists don’t miss out on the hot spots.


  • Goby keeps a list of the most updated events.
  • It will place the events on a map.
  • It includes concerts, plays, sports, and more.

Free Wi-Fi Finder

Even though people might leave the country on vacation, they still want to remain tuned in with everything that is happening back at home. The only way to do this overseas is to rely on Wi-Fi. With Free Wi-Fi Finder, people can find exactly where those free Wi-Fi stations are hiding. In urban areas, this app is remarkable accurate. Just turn on the Wi-Fi scanner and the app will find those places that iMessage will come in beautifully.


  • This app will keep track of free Wi-Fi in the area.
  • It has a scanner that will find Wi-Fi connections for the user.
  • Wi-Fi is important to staying connected to home during an overseas vacation.

Google Translate

Most people know the struggle of having an important issue only to be blocked by the language barrier. People can stand there dumbfounded, staring, wondering why the other person just doesn’t understand. While most people do speak English, having a pocket translator can help. Instead of struggling to sift through the pages of a dictionary translator, just download Google Translate. While this isn’t exactly Rosetta Stone, people can speak into the app and the app will translate it rapidly into another language. This is an invaluable tool in a foreign country.


  • Google Translate will translate one language to another.
  • It can handle spoken paragraphs.
  • It is accurate enough that the other party will understand the content.

OANDA Currency Converter

Traveling internationally requires frequent currency exchanges, sometimes with large amounts of money. This can make it challenging for people to figure out if they’re getting a good deal on a purchase or not. This currency converter will convert between currencies quickly so users can figure out how expensive an item truly is in a currency that they’re used to. Furthermore, this app can even factor in ATM rates, credit card fees, and more.


  • This app can convert between currencies quickly.
  • It can calculate ATM and bank fees.
  • It allows users to figure out how much money they’re actually spending.


Everyone knows that gas is expensive. Most people use gas prices as a surrogate for the cost of living in a given city. In fact, no item has costs that vary more quickly from place to place than gasoline. Finding the cheapest gas around is a game to most people. That’s where GasBuddy comes in. This app keeps track of the nearest gas stations and stays up to date on their prices. This allows users to find the cheapest gas available.


  • GasBuddy keeps track of the nearest gas stations.
  • It stays up to date on their prices.
  • It shows their location on a map.

Hotel Tonight

Sometimes people are in a crunch to find a hotel for the night. This can be challenging in a foreign city. The app communicates with hotels in large cities to find last-minute vacancies and shows the price. This a new app that will continue to grow.


  • This app finds nearby hotels and shows their vacancies.
  • It even includes the prices.
  • This is a new app but is useful in most major cities.


Mobile apps can be a traveler’s best friend in all kinds of situations, whether you’re ordering at a far-away restaurant or trying to find the best local nightlife. Most of these apps are free as long as you can put up with ad placements. Check out the apps we’ve reviewed above and seek out new apps that can be great travel companions.