Top 5 Web Development Training Programs



Web development is essential for the world today. Just about everyone uses the internet. Therefore, businesses hire professionals to handle this. If you want to beef up your resume or maybe just add a little value to what you can offer, learning web development may be helpful. If you don’t want to go back to school full-time, but want to know the basics then a training program will be right for you. There are several options out there for training programs. Here are five of the best options along with a short summary of what the programs at Ed2Go, Maricopa Corporate College, Coursera, Lynda and UC Davis Extension can offer to you so you will know which one is right for your needs.

Top 5 Web Development Training Programs

  • Ed2Go
  • Maricopa Corporate College
  • Coursera
  • Lynda
  • UC Davis Extension


This is a long program that will take about a year to complete. There are 240 hours of instruction along with practical resources to help you learn the basics. When you finish, you will understand how to create web pages using .NET Framework 4.0 while also exploring other web development programs. This is a certificate program so you will also have a certificate you can use on your resume.


  • One year course
  • Learn the latest .NET Framework and other web development tools
  • Certificate program

Maricopa Corporate College

The only prerequisite for this 15-week class is you need to know Microsoft Office. You will learn about responsive design in your web development using HTML, CSS, and more. The program offers hands on teaching where students create websites on their own and other students. At the end of the program you will receive a certificate exam you can take.


  • 15 week class
  • Hands on learning
  • Certificate exam included


There are several courses you can find on this site for web development. If you are a complete beginner, then you may want to stick to one like Learn to Design and Create Websites that is offered through the University of Michigan. The nice thing about this site is that you can choose the courses that are just what you are looking for, from different schools. Each course has its own track of a few courses you can take to get a full understanding and receive a certificate.


  • Choose the course right for you
  • Offered from reputable schools
  • Course path for certification


This is a site created by LinkedIn as a way to help people gain the skills they need to succeed in today’s world. There are currently 366 courses on this site for web development and over 5,000 in total so you can take only the ones that interest you. Courses include web app development, creating secure WordPress Sites, creating custom WordPress plugins with PHP, and much more. There is a free 10-day period and after that you pay a monthly fee to have access to all the classes. They have basic and premium level options which offer the ability to take quizzes on the lessons to ensure you properly understand it as well as offline viewing.


  • A wide assortment of course options
  • Pay the monthly price and access all the courses
  • Free 10 day period

UC Davis Extension

While this is offered through a college, it is not a degree program. Rather it is designed to teach you the core skills of web development. It is designed for people who are looking for a way to get in the door with web development and want to expand their career. However, the things learned in this class will be great for those who just want to learn a new hobby or include something new on their resume. There are a few course options, though the best for beginners would be the Creating Functional Websites course which focuses on the basics while other classes build upon that knowledge.


  • Offered through a college
  • Learn the basics or more advanced skills
  • Several course options to choose from


These are just a few of the programs out there you can use when you want to learn about web development. The biggest thing to consider is whether you are looking for a traditional learning experience with a ton of reading and lectures or if you want something that will walk you through it and then allow you to try out your new skills. This will help you determine which program is right for you.