Top 5 Sports Management Degrees Online



Getting a degree in sports management can open up a whole new world of career and advancement opportunities, but not everyone has the time to attend classes at a regular university. The ability to earn your sports management degree online, however, can allow you to kickstart your career, while still allowing you to maintain a career and family life. The field of sports management includes a range of specialties, including sports science, sports finance, marketing and more, so finding the right online sports management degree program is important. Keep reading to learn more about the top five sports management degree programs available, so you can choose the one that's right for you and your career goals. 

Top 5 Sports Management Degrees Online

  • Troy University
  • Columbia University
  • Saint Leo University
  • Columbia College of Missouri
  • United States Sports Academy

Troy University

The only University to offer a PH.D. in Sports Management is Troy University. This comprehensive online course is an exacting format that will provide you with virtually everything you need to succeed in the entire Sports Management spectrum. You will learn and use such things as specialized areas of study, you'll be able to research, interpret and evaluate your findings. You'll learn how to organize and plan related sports management programs and you'll even be taught how to prepare all that you've researched and learned for presentation or publication. Tuition for undergraduate courses are $338 per credit hour, and graduate courses are $494 per credit hour. 


  • Top-rated university
  • The only online university that offers a Ph.D. in Sports Management
  • All facets of sports management are available for study

Columbia University

Columbia University is the most affordable option for people looking to earn a sports management degree online. They specialize in sports financing, fundraising, administration and marketing. The tuition is less than $5,000 per year, and you'll come away with a degree from an accredited university. Plan on spending five years to complete the degree program, but your career will be off to a great start with this degree in your pocket.


  • Affordable degree program
  • Offering courses in the business side of sports management
  • Five years to completion

Saint Leo University

Saint Leo is the oldest Catholic higher education institution in Florida, and they specialize in a Masters in Sports Business Administration, Risk Management, Sports Marketing and Faculties Planning. The online M.B.A. Sports Business concentration can be completed in as little as two years, and Saint Leo's is the first online degree program to be accredited by the Commission on Sports Management Accreditation. The base program costs almost $25,000 and cost per credit hour is $651.


  • One of the most respected of the online universities
  • The Sports Business M.B.A. can be completed in as little as two years
  • Accredited by the Commission of Sports Management Accreditation

Columbia College of Missouri

The Columbia College of Missouri will cost about $7,000 per year, and you must major in business administration before you can get into the sports management program. That said, they specialize in sports media, event marketing and basic care and prevention of sports injuries. The website rated the business administration program a "Best Buy," and this is one of the least expensive online colleges to enroll in. 


  • One of the lesser expensive online programs
  • A major in business administration is required
  • This university is rated a "Best Buy" for online schooling

 United States Sports Academy

The United States Sports Academy. or the USSA, is unique in that it only offers degrees that are related to Sports Science. It is one of the most highly-rated online institutions around, as reviewed by current and former students. The USSA features a Bachelor's in sports management, sports security, ethics and facilities management. Tuition averages around $12,600 per year, and USSA is associated with many professional sports organizations, including the NFL, NBA and the MLBPA. If your overall goal is to work with a professional team, this is the online sports management program for you.


  • All degrees are related to sports science
  • United States Sports Academy is associated with many professional sports organizations
  • Student reviews about this program are overwhelmingly favorable


Online sports management degree programs can be a great option for starting a rewarding career in sports management. Working online for a degree has the potential to open up employment opportunities that can be part-time, full time or lead to a carreer in all of the varied fields that sports management has to offer.