Top 5 Creative Writing Lessons Online



Creative writing programs are great for people who have a passion to write. This can help you with copywriting or even with your desire to write a novel. Whether you are a writing novice or have been working on screenplays for years you will find a degree program to be beneficial. Online programs are great because they allow you to arrange your classes around your busy schedule. There are several great programs out there you can go through, each having their own features. You should know these features as well as the specialties of the program. Check out the features from Southern New Hampshire University, University of Central Florida, University of Phoenix, Full Sail University and Regent University. Understanding what the best online creative programs can offer will help you find the one that is right for you.

Top 5 Creative Writing Lessons Online

  • Southern New Hampshire University
  • University of Central Florida
  • University of Phoenix
  • Full Sail University
  • Regent University

Southern New Hampshire University

If you are looking for an online program that has a physical school to back it up, you should know that SNHU has 3 campuses in addition to their vast online degree options. The school accepts credits from most schools, even if the classes just count for electives. Also, they are a non-profit school meaning tuition will not be as high as other programs. The creative writing program offers a basic degree as well as concentrations in fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, and screenwriting. The course requirements are aimed specifically at writers. Even literature classes required for this program are catered to the needs of a writer. Students also take four workshops where they get the chance to interact with other writers, give and receive criticism, and understand their authorial voice in a meaningful way. The program even requires a publishing workshop teaching writers how to market themselves and their work.


  • Several concentration options
  • non-profit school to save you money
  • Focuses on publishing as well as writing

University of Central Florida

This school is well known for their academic success. This is why they have the largest on campus population in the state of Florida and second in the nation for a public university. The online creative writing program here is not broken down by concentrations, but rather gives the student the freedom to choose which classes they will take. Students are required to take a foreign language class as part of the program. There is also a huge focus on literature and an impressive selection of courses to choose from such as Irish Literature and Hispanic Women Writers. They do have a maximum on the number of online credits a person can receive in their program.


  • Well known school with high population
  • Many course options
  • Freedom to choose classes, though no official concentration

University of Phoenix

This online program does not call itself a creative writing program. Rather you will receive a bachelor’s in English and a focus on creative writing. The courses are structured much the same as other creative writing classes as there is a huge emphasis on writing, though some of the requirements are more technical writing than creative writing. The nice thing about this school is that they allow people to use their relevant work history for college credit. Along with this is school also allows people to try out a class for three weeks and drop in the first term without having to pay. Unlike other schools out there who only have an app for the third-party software used for the classes, such as Blackboard, University of Phoenix has their own app to allow people to work on their classes wherever they are.


  • English program with a concentration on creative writing
  • Learn both technical and creative writing
  • School app makes taking classes easier

Full Sail University

This program offers a Creative Writing for Entertainment Bachelors program as well as a Creative Writing Master’s program. The classes here are accelerated and start every month so you can jump in at any time. The program focuses on several types of creative writing including script writing, fiction, and more. The classes here are designed to help people learn about writing from conceptualizing and storyboarding their ideas to publishing.


  • Program focuses on all types of creative writing
  • Helps writers understand the whole process
  • accelerated classes start every month

Regent University

This is another program that is an English degree with a focus on writing. This program will help you learn the mechanics of writing, the basics, as well as advanced storytelling. The school uses this method as a way to allow students to find careers in journalism, marketing, public relations, or even just as an author. The school also offers several tools to help students be successful.


  • Bachelors in English with a concentration in writing
  • Program allows people to go into several industries
  • Comprehensive online tools


These are five of the best creative writing programs out there. Each of them is a little different in what they offer. Take the time to review what the program entails and compare this to what your personal goals with the creative writing degree are so you can find the right one.