Top 5 Coolest Hotels Around the World



When someone enjoys traveling to new destinations, they are bound to come across a few unique hotels in the process. Many enjoy visiting new locations to go site-seeing and learn a bit of history of the area. The hotel one stays in will enhance their overall experience. Some people even select specific hotels simply to experience unique amenities offered at the establishments. Vast swimming pools, in-house amusement parks, breathtaking architecture and designs, bizarre room layouts, and all forms of entertainment can make a hotel stay one to remember forever. Here are some of the coolest hotels around the world one may wish to experience themselves. Take a look at the following hotels to decide if one of them intrigues you enough to take a trip of your own.

Top 5 Coolest Hotels Around the World:

  • Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel in Alta, Norway
  • Treehotel Harads, Sweden
  • Daspark Hotel, Berlin, Germany
  • Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji
  • Giraffe Manor, Nariobi, Africa

Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel in Alta, Norway

This hotel is literally, one of the coolest in the world. Constructed completely of ice and snow, this hotel is carved into the landscape each January and stays open until it naturally melts away. There are thirty rooms in total. The temperature inside the hotel rooms hovers around twenty degrees Fahrenheit, meaning guests need to bundle up inside warm blankets and furs made from reindeer. The hotel’s furniture is also constructed from ice. Nearby is a variety of spas, saunas, and a variety of entertainment.


  • Hotel is carved in ice and snow
  • Furniture is made from ice
  • Plenty of nearby attractions

Treehotel Harads, Sweden

Situated near the Lule river, the Treehotel consists of hotel rooms that are suspended from trees in a forest in Harads, Sweden. Each room is unique in design, giving guests the priviledge in having a different experience from their neighbors. The most desired room is the “Mirrorcube”. This room is covered with mirrors, making it virtually invisible to others as trees are reflected from the glass panes. Another room, the “Birdsnest” is a cube covered with twigs. Each room is accessed via rope ladders.


  • Each room has a unique design
  • Rooms are accessed via rope ladders
  • Rooms are obscured from view

Das Park Hotel, Berlin, Germany

Located in Berlin, Germany are several repurposed drainpipes remodeled to use as a room for sleeping. Each one is round like a barrel and has a comfortable bed, ample storage space, and complete seclusion from all other people. The drainpipes can be reserved online at a cost determined by the person wishing to take a unique vacation. The pipe rooms can be reserved for up to three days. Upon scheduling, a key code will be emailed to the traveler, allowing them to access their individual room upon their arrival.


  • Total secluded area
  • Unique design with plenty of room
  • Price is determined by the traveler

Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji

For those who want a truly unique experience, the Poseidon Undersea Resort in Fiji will thrill with spectacular views of the ocean. This hotel is completely housed under the water, allowing guests to watch a variety of sea life from glass-enclosed hotel rooms. The resort has two superior restaurants (one above ground and one below) as well as a spa, library, and the chance to engage in many water activities while on the premises. The rooms are accessed via elevator and are not at a different air pressure, allowing all patrons to enjoy the atmosphere without health risks.


  • Glass rooms with breathtaking views of sealife
  • Two restaurants on premises
  • Several amenities including a spa, library, wedding services, and scuba diving

Giraffe Manor, Nairobi, Africa

Situated on twelve acres of land within about 140 acres of forest, is Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Africa. Giraffes roam free on the land, allowing travelers an up-close experience they will never forget. For breakfast and dinner, the resorts’ restaurant windows are opened and the giraffes dine with the guests. This unique experience is accompanied with breathtaking views including green gardens and sunny terraces to enjoy spectating the animals surrounding the resort. This hotel can be booked with a safari excursion experience if desired.

Breathtaking views with many animals nearby to view

Giraffes dine with guests during breakfast and dinnertime via open windows

Safari excursions are available if desired


  • Breathtaking views with many animals nearby to view
  • Giraffes dine with guests during breakfast and dinnertime via open windows
  • Safari excursions are available if desired


Consider taking a trip to one of these exciting hotels! Each one offers a unique experience that can make your vacation memorable. The world is filled with great places to stay, but our top five are among the best you’ll find anywhere.