Top 4 Mobile Phone Games Available on Google Play



The Google Play store is the online marketplace for Android users. Formerly known as Android Market, it provides users with access to various types of digital media for download, including movies, books, games and music. Since August 2010 the number of Google Play downloads has increased from 1 billion to 65 billion downloads as of May 2016. The number of apps available to users for download also grew from 16,000 available in December 2009 to 2.4 million as of September 2016. Mobile phone games have become very popular with users. As more consumers opt for mobile technology versus desktop platforms, the appetite for these mobile apps will continue to rise. Feeding this appetite are several top mobile phone game apps that can be accessed through the Google Play store.

Top 4 Mobile Phone Games Available on Google Play:

  • Clash of Clans
  • Game of War Fire Age
  • Mobile Strike
  • Pokemon GO

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular mobile game downloads available at Google Play. The game, recommended for players 13 and older, gives players a chance to navigate around a medieval world filled with barbarians, wizards, and clans warring against each other. Your job is to raise an army, select your weapons, and secure victory against an opposing clan. You have the ability to go it alone or join others around the world in order to form the ultimate clan. The game is available to users for free, however, some of the items you may need come at a cost of between $0.99 and $9.99.


  • Clash of Clans is a popular mobile game download
  • The game is available to players age 13 and older
  • Clash of Clans can be downloaded for free but some items may need to be purchased

Game of War Fire Age

Game of War Fire Age has an E rating of 10 and older and is a popular mobile game app available through the Google Play store. The game play allows you to choose a role as a builder, soldier, or leader. You build great armies, design and implement unique weapons, and engage in battle in order to become the ultimate army. Game of War Fire Age is downloadable for free. As you progress through your game play, you can expect to spend from $0.99 upwards to $399.00 for certain items necessary to compete effectively against other players worldwide in this massively multiplayer online (MMO) style game.


  • Game of War Fire Age is a massively multiplayer online or MMO style game
  • The mobile app is available for free
  • Additional items needed for game play may cost up to $399.00

Mobile Strike

Former California governor and action star Arnold Schwarzenegger serves as pitchman and star of the widely popular Mobile Strike mobile app. The game allows you to command a vast army in modern warfare. Available to players age 10 and older, you have the ability to control the action as you build a command post and defend it against enemy attacks. As an MMO style game, the size of your army is one factor but equally as important is the type of defenses you build in order to sustain attacks. The game is available in the Google Play store for free with in app products that you can purchase for improved game play. These items will cost you as high as $399.99.


  • Arnold Schwarzenegger is the star of the popular mobile app game Mobile Strike
  • Mobile Strike is an MMO style war strategy game
  • Download Mobile Strike for free and purchase in app products for improved game play

Pokemon GO

The Pokemon craze has been renewed in 2016. From software maker Niantic, Inc., the release of Pokemon GO has caused a worldwide sensation (and some controversy as well). As a player you have the ability to track and capture the Pokemon that exist virtually in the real world. Players simply walk around their neighborhoods, parks, and those facilities that permit Pokemon GO play. When a Pokemon is within capture distance, a signal (vibration) is given to your smartphone, allowing you to cast a Pokemon and complete the capture. The game also features a training mode and the ability to battle other players. There are no additional in app purchases as all items needed are available for capture.


  • Pokemon GO was developed by software maker Niantic
  • The Pokemon GO mobile game app allows users to capture Pokemon virtually hidden in the real world
  • There is no cost to download the Pokemon GO mobile game


Gone are the days when playing high-tech games meant planting yourself on the couch for hours on end. Today’s mobile phone and tablet games can be played at home, on the bus, at work or anytime you’re on the go. Many of these games are free to play, so all you need to get started is a device that’s connected to the Internet. Prepare to be entertained (and distracted) thanks to the latest in mobile gaming apps.