Top 3 Temporary Health Insurance Options



Living without health insurance can be downright scary. Without comprehensive insurance, people’s lives can be turned upside-down by injuries, illnesses or even minor surgeries. People can easily find themselves without insurance after losing their jobs or waiting for benefits from their new employers. Folks who hold several part-time jobs to make ends meet can also fall through the cracks, as can seniors who are wiating for Medicare to kick in. Fortunatley, people who are in these situations have options. Several companies offer short-term insurance policies that provide coverage at affordable rates and for short durations of time. While these policies aren’t as comprehensive as full-term insurance, they’re strong enough to safeguard policy holders from catastrophic disasters. Read on to learn more about our top three options for people in search of temporary insurance.

Top 3 Temporary Insurance Options

  • HCC Life Insurance Company
  • United Healthcare
  • The IHC Group

HCC Life Insurance Company

HCC Life Insurance Company is company based in Indiana with 35 years of experience. This Short Term Medical Insurance provides is a temporary health insurance for people who are less than 65 years old. It allows the choice of deductible, coinsurance contribution, and the length coverage. This Short Term Medical policy requires only limited medical underwriting. There are no additional medical tests required to be accepted for coverage. An advantage to this plan is an instant online approval or disaproval with no application fee. This policy includes coverages for hospital inpatient prescription drugs, outpatient hospitalization and numerous surgical procedures. It also includes lab/x-ray and emergency room expenses. Seeking care from a specialist without a referral is a good benefit as well.


  • Covers emergency room visits
  • Seek care from specialists
  • No medical tests for applying

United Healthcare

United Healthcare is a well known name in the insurance industry, serving more than 125 countries. The short-term medical plans this company offers are designed to get people solely through temporary situations—they offer low monthly premiums, but in return these policies carry high deductibles. The medical coverage is comprehensive, though, and coverage can start the day after purchase allowing for seamless coverage. Being able to see medical specialists without getting referrals is a bonus plus. Visit the United Healthcare website to get more information about policies or even to request a free quote.


  • See medical specialists
  • Comprehensive plans
  • High deductibles

The IHC Group

The IHC Group has been providing various forms of health insurance for 30 years. With IHC short-term insurance plans, customers can get up to $2 million in coverage with three options for deductibles. Customers get to choose their doctors and hospitals while being responsible for office copays. People are eligible for these plans up to the age of 64, and separate short-term insurance plans for children are also available. Policy holders can pay monthly premiums for six months, or they can pay off their policies at discounted rates within the first 30 to 180 days. A cheaper plan with a lower coverage limit is also available.


  • Standalone policies for children
  • Up to $2 million in coverage
  • Discounted single-pay option available


Nobody wants to live without health insurance, but that’s just the reality as long as our healthcare system is managed by private insurers. Thankfully, people with higher disposable income can still get help. When looking for short term coverage, assess your budget, what you will need for coverage. Do your due diligence and find out what kinds of medical coverage is most appropriate for your situation.