Top 3 Mobility Vans for Seniors


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For seniors with mobility issues, having a high-quality mobility van that can accommodate wheelchairs or other mobility devices is important. While many vehicles can be retrofitted to accommodate mobility devices, many seniors prefer the convenience of purchasing a van that is already designed for this purpose. Many of the major vehicle manufacturers, such as Honda, Toyota, Dodge and Ford make affordable and efficient mobility vans. The top three mobility conversion vans to consider in 2018 are the Honda Odyssey wheelchair van, Toyota Sienna wheelchair van and the Dodge Grand Caravan wheelchair van. These three mobility vans offer excellent space, flexibility and accessibility for mobility-challenged passengers, all at affordable prices.

Top 3 Mobility Vans for Seniors

  • Honda Odyssey
  • Toyota Sienna
  • Dodge Grand Caravan

Honda Odyssey Wheelchair Van

The Honda Odyssey wheelchair van is a highly-popular choice for seniors with mobility issues, and offers a plethora of accessibility features, including in-floor and folding ramps, side or rear entry conversion options for easy, convenient access, superior safety features, such as anti-lock brakes and electronic brake distribution, and more - all in a stylish and comfortable minivan. The Honda Odyssey may also include luxury features, such as back-up camera, heated seating, memory-linked side mirrors, tri-zone climate control and moon roof. The Odyssey conversion comes standard with power ramp that allows for several wheelchair positions for easy access. Fuel economy for the Honda Odyssey is rated at 17 mpg city and 25 mpg highway. This van can be purchased new or used through AMS Vans or other conversion van retailers nationwide.


  • Superior safety and luxury features for a safe, comfortable ride
  • Rear or side entry options designed to accommodate a variety of wheelchair positions
  • Decent fuel economy at 17 mpg city and 25 mpg highway

Toyota Sienna Wheelchair Van

Want removable seats and extra headroom? The Toyota Sienna conversion van is the ideal choice for you. The Toyota Sienna is known for offering tons of great features at affordable prices, and the Toyota Sienna wheelchair van offers power doors, keyless remote entry, manual fold-out ramp. Six conversions are available for the Sienna, including the Braun Power Infloor, Braun Power XT and VMI Northstar Access 360, and both side and rear entry options are available. Features include powerful performance, all-wheel drive, stylish exterior, Toyota Safety Sense safety features, comfortable interior with tri-zone climate control, smart technology and more. Toyota Sienna conversion vans can be found at AMS Vans or other retailers nationwide.


  • Features include removable seats and extra headroom for comfort and convenience
  • Six conversion options available, including side or rear entry options
  • High-tech safety features, powerful performance and stylish exterior

Dodge Grand Caravan Wheelchair Van

The Dodge Grand Caravan was one of the first minivans to offer wheelchair accessible vans, and offers side or rear entry with several wheelchair positions for easy accessibility. Ten-inch lowered floor and power ramp system allows wheelchair users to comfortably enter and exit the van, and conversion options for the Grand Caravan include AMS Legend, AMS Edge and AMS Edge II. Rear suspension with computer-designed multi-loeaf springs adds additional support and wheelchair tie-downs and anchor points are included with every conversion. The Dodge Grand Caravan wheelchair-accessible van offers the ideal blend of price, features and quality, making this a great choice for seniors with mobility issues. The Dodge Grand Caravan conversion ans can be found through AMS Vans or other retailers nationwide.


  • 10-inch lowered floor and power ramp system provides comfortable, convenient entry
  • Side and rear entry options available, both allowing multiple wheelchair positions
  • Excellent blend of price, features and quality for mobility-challenged passengers


It’s important to take the time to thoroughly research the various top mobility vans for seniors in order to find the one that fits your budget and includes all the features you want in your new van. With several conversion options available for each of the top three mobility vans, seniors can get exactly what they need for easy access and better mobility!