Top 3 Medical Alert Systems



A good medical alert system provides peace of mind for friends and relatives while allowing independence for those who need just a little extra care. But you need to know you can trust your medical alert system, and that it will fulfill all your requirements. Not only that, many medical alert systems now come with many other forms of technology. Some are more complicated, so wouldn’t be appropriate for someone with declining faculties. Others have many automatic functions, so users won’t need to speak directly with a call center. You basically need the system to call for help, detect or prevent falls, track and monitor the user with GPS, provide basic home security monitoring for hazards like smoke and carbon monoxide, and check in with the user every day to make sure all is well.

Top 3 Medical Alert Systems:

  • Life Alert Emergency Response
  • Medical Guardian
  • LifeStation

Life Alert Emergency Response

Life Alert is the leading emergency response company in the United States, and for good reason. They brought awareness to the need for medical alert systems with the slogan everyone remembers: “Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” They have been protecting vulnerable customers for over two decades, and offer protection for home accidents, carbon monoxide poisoning, fires and home intrusions. All 600 employees live in the United States, to better serve the customers.


  • Special waterproof HELP button for bathroom emergencies, with batteries that never need to be charged and last up to 10 years
  • 87% of members surveyed in 2014 said the Life Alert service was the major factor in their decision to continue living at home
  • Handles over 2,000,000 calls a year and saves one life from a catastrophic outcome every 11 minutes

Medical Guardian

Medical Guardian Medical Alert Systems offer all the important, such as landline and home systems and wearable mobile systems with GPS. They guarantee the highest monitoring of their call centers, with every one based in the United States. Medical Guardian offers their services with no long-term contracts or activation fees, and even the basic service offers protection from medical emergencies, accidents, home intrusions and fires.


  • Largest listed range of 1,300 feet, although tested at a maximum 2,000 feet
  • Free Medical Alert equipment worth $350 when you sign up
  • Price-Lock guarantee


Providing service for as little as $23.95 per month, LifeStation also offers all the standard features most people would want in a life alert system. They offer both landline and mobile service, and a GPS mobile system that can be worn. They also provide additional medical monitoring and a check-in service which makes sure that clients are all right at least once every day. Premium features include a wall-mounted button and a lockbox.


  • No activation fee
  • Free equipment delivery
  • Free hospital-grade, waterproof and comfortable medical alert devices


When considering medical alert monitors, you can choose the one that best suits your need. You can ask if you want one which is wearable, or waterproof, or which has a very limited range. You can compare battery life on different models, and you definitely want to consider the quality of the customer service. You also want to consider the cost, and if there are extra fees or available discounts. Some systems are even covered by insurance, as they are a wise investment for an insurance company that wants to avoid harm to the insured. And don’t forget that if you want, you can try them out during a free trial period to see if they work for you.