Top 3 Kids Movies of 2017



There have been several serious contenders this year for the title of best kids movie. There have been cartoons, live action and computer-animated movies. Some have been funny, but many children’s’ movies this year have been serious. The best movies for kids have a lot to offer the grown-ups, too, sometimes with hints at nostalgia and sometimes with jokes that fly over the little ones’ heads. These family friendly flicks are at the top of the list.

Top 3 Kids Movies of 2017

  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Despicable Me 3
  • The Lego Batman Movie

Beauty and the Beast

Revisiting a class brings together fans who loved the original with a whole new generation of fans. Based on the 1991 animated film, the new version has popular actors Emma Watson, Luke Evans, Ian McKellen and Emma Thompson. With stunning visuals and an original musical score, audiences find themselves swept away. In only 10 days, the new live action Beauty and the Beast became the highest grossing live action musical The only musical which has grossed more is Disney’s Frozen.


  • Emma Watson as beautiful, bookish Belle
  • Fun new renditions of beloved classics like “Be our guest”
  • Stunning sets, especially the castle and the village

Despicable Me 3

Most sequels are not as good as the original, and the more sequels there are, the worse the movies can get. Despicable Me works as well in its third outing as it did in its first. Gru is fired from his position in his life of crime by the new boss of the Anti-Villain League, and spends this movie having an adventure with his long-lost twin brother. When they work together to take down Balthazar Bratt, hilarity ensues. The Minions, in the meantime, have their own hilarious adventures. The latest film manages to have just as much energy as the first, which is a hopeful sign that there will be more adventures of Gru and the Minions coming to the big screen in the future.


  • The Minions accidentally end up in a talent show and provide a great show.
  • When they are in the jail, the Minions take control, to hilarious results.
  • The terrific use of bubble gum as a weapon.

The Lego Batman Movie

This is a 3D computer-animated superhero comedy film, so the technology could have overwhelmed the movie. Instead, the Lego Movie adventures are expanded to charming effect, as Lego Batman accidentally adopts a teenage orphan. The plot is detailed and could be considered dark, but the filmmakers made the action easy to follow and understand. While the producers no doubt are using these movies to sell toys, they stand in their own right as a fun time.


  • The scene where “One is the loneliest number” shows a world which Batman would find to be a nightmare.
  • The nods to not just other superheroes, but to portrayals of them in other venues.
  • When Batman finally notices that he has someone else living in his home.


Nobody can predict the next great movie. Sometimes a movie will look great, but the plot will fall apart or it will drag on too long. With kids movies, the most important thing is to keep the attention of the audience. These movies all do that and more, providing clean, fun entertainment. Not only can these movies be enjoyed over and over, viewers will find something new in them every time. They might not be the best by the end of the year, but they will be high on the list even at the end.