Top 3 Companies for Working Abroad



Working aboard can be an excellent financial and mental boost while providing insight into the workings of another culture. While working, you are exposed to exotic cities that you may never have had the time and money to visit. When deciding to work abroad, you can find job opportunities on your own or through a certified work abroad program. Most prefer the assistance when working abroad since it requires a work permit VISA. Also, other professionals are able to assist with living options, local restaurants, grocery stores and all other necessities. To get started with a working abroad program, there are three resources that can aid in your search and place you in the right position with the right company. These include the International Cooperative Education Program (ICE), Interexchange and Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). Read on to learn more about these top options.

Top 3 Working Abroad Companies

  • International Cooperative Education Program (ICE)
  • Interexchange
  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)

International Cooperative Education Program

For students or fresh graduates searching for real-world experience that includes traveling, ICE has a number of paid internships. Keep in mind, all of these opportunities require a basic comprehension of one foreign language. The rewards are typically more than the following two work abroad programs with monthly stipends that range from $600 to $1400 depending on the location and cost of living. Additionally, many companies reimburse airfare which can significantly reduce costs.


  • Places students or recent grads into international internships
  • Pay is between $600 and $1400
  • Some companies reimburse for airfare


It can be overwhelming to search all of the Au pair programs offered around the world. It is even more difficult finding an agency that specializes in sending U.S. residents to work overseas. However, Interexchange is a non-profit organization that focuses on placing U.S. Au Pairs into host homes such as, France, Germany, Spain, Norway, the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand. While program fees vary depending on the organization, Interexchange fees vary from $495 to $595 which includes finding the host family and setting up the service. Once the Au Pair is placed, they can earn from $300 to $600 per month with language class stipends and vacation time. Also, health insurance and housing are included in the opportunity.


  • Interexchange places U.S. Au Pairs into host homes
  • Pays up to $600 per month
  • Health insurance and housing included

Teaching English as a Foreign Language

If living with a host family is not for you but have the desire to work around children, teaching English might be a good choice. TEFL has a list of teaching options that include more than just the 6-8 month opportunity. Payment includes a monthly stipend and housing (or higher monthly payment without housing). Payment varies significantly depending on the part of the world you plan to work and the related cost of living. There are many hospitality and foreign summer camp jobs available. For example, there was recently a job posted for working at an acting camp in Italy for the summer. Applying for a position is fast and easy and there is no fee to register for the program.


  • TEFL offers a variety of teaching jobs
  • Varying payment based on location and cost of living
  • Includes a monthly stipend and housing


These programs are all non-profit organizations created to give U.S. citizens the opportunity to work abroad. Of course the U.S. works with many of these same countries to exchange employees. Since they are non-profit firms, many receive government funding to perform these missions. Most combine the opportunity to receive modest monetary compensation with the chance to live abroad and gain a valuable cultural education. These three organizations, ICE, Interexchange and TEFL have helped many acquire permanent positions down the road.