Top 3 Caribbean Island Destinations



Many people know that the Caribbean islands are a beautiful place to vacation. The beaches are beautiful, the islands are filled with culture and there are many amazing activities and excursions you can participate it, such as swimming with the dolphins, gambling, hiking and zip lining, depending on the island and your preferences. However, what many people do not realize is just how many different islands make up the Caribbean and that the ambience of each island is very different. Three of the the top Caribbean vacation destinations include Jamaica, Aruba and the Grand Cayman Island. Here is more information about what makes each island so unique and special.


While many equate Jamaica with reggae music, the island has so much to offer besides its music. This island has a more woodsy, or tropical rainforest feel to it than the other islands. This is why it has been given the nickname as the wood and water island. While it is home to some incredible and beautiful beaches, it is the wooded scenery a bit more inland that set this island apart. If you are looking to go hiking, take in incredible waterfalls, see wildlife in their natural habitat, zip line in the woods or even go horseback riding, Jamaica is the way to go. And of course, you can always sit back in the evenings indulging in incredible Jamaican food with a tropical drink while letting the sounds of both reggae and Caribbean music melt away your stress.


  • Tropical, rainforest feel
  • Beautiful beaches
  • An amazing music and club scene


When you long for nothing more than to sit on a beautiful beach with a drink in your hand, Aruba is the island for you. This island is famous for its beautiful white sand beaches and turquoise blue waters. And of course, with amazing waters such as these, the majority of the activities in the area revolve around the water. You can go for a boat ride, paddle board, parasail, snorkle and scuba dive in the pristine waters. And if you get a little tired of sitting out in the sun all day by the beach, be sure to check out the city center. There are many historical buildings that feature classic architecture. It truly takes you back to a time of days gone by. As the soon sunsets, many of the local bars and clubs begin to open up. As is the case in most of this town, they have a laid-back, chill vibe about them, making them perfect for any age group. And lastly, this island is home to ten casinos, so if you prefer to try out your luck, this may be the right destination for you.


  • Breathtaking beaches
  • Laid-back Feel
  • Legal Gambling

Grand Cayman

The last island you must see when visiting the Caribbean is Grand Cayman. In fact, this island is so popular, nearly every Caribbean cruise stops for at least a day at this port. This makes this island much busier and livelier than the other island and a bit more touristy. However, there is a reason this island is so popular. This island is your quintessential Caribbean island. Do you want to snorkel or scuba dive? There are many incredible dive spots. Do you want to sit on the beach? The white sand beaches are home to crystal clear water, allowing you to see straight through to the bottom. Do you want to bike, hike, sail a boat or participate in other water sports? Its all here. And lastly, if you love to shop, this is the island for you. Whether you want local art, jewelry, clothing or even liquor, Grand Cayman island is your one stop shop. And just like the other islands, after the incredible sunset, the bars and clubs open up, allowing you to engage in some tropical libations or a night filled with dancing to the incredible sounds of Caribbean music.


  • The busiest island
  • Everything is here
  • Perfect for all ages


While Jamaica, Aruba and Grand Cayman are the places that tourists should hone in on if it is the their first Caribbean vacation, there are many other amazing islands that make up the Caribbean islands. These include Turks and Caicos, Puerto Rico, Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Martin, St. John and Antigua. Learning about each island and what they have to offer will help you decide which islands have the vibe and activities you are looking for as you plan your next tropical vacation.