The Top Deals on the Best Infant formulas


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Looking for deals on infant formula? Contrary to popular belief, breast is not always best. While breast milk certainly provides a great deal of nutrients for your infant child, not every child will take to the breast and many moms just can’t produce enough milk to give their children the amount of nutrition their child desires. And many busy more just don’t have the time or desire to deal with it - and if that’s the case, no worries. The best infant formulas on the market can provide the same vitamins and nutrients that you can find in breastmilk, so you don’t have to feel guilty about giving them the bottle. And while infant formula can be quite expensive, you can find plenty of deals that can help you save big. If you are interested in the best infant formulas on the market, check out these top deals.

Top Deals on the Best Infant Formulas

  • Enfamil
  • Similac
  • Costco


If you are looking for the most recommended formula brand, Enfamil is just the thing. The Enfamil Gentlelease formula helps relieve gas, crying and fussiness in babies.  While normally a 22oz container of Enfamil Premium Gentlelease or similar size formulas can cost you around $30, you can save a lot more on your formula with coupon codes found at Retail Me Not. There you can find 20% off codes for select Enfamil products or get up to $5 off a 32oz can of formula. Orders over $100 at the Enfamil website will ship for free with no code required. On top of this, you can find even more coupons on Enfamil formula when you sign up for Enfamil Family Beginnings. Just enter your email and baby’s due date to get started. Your enrollment grants you coupons, samples, and free gifts.

  • Get up to 20% off select formulas
  • Free shipping on orders over $100
  • Sign up for more coupons


Like Enfamil, Similac offers a ton of formula options for mom and baby. Moms can choose Similac Pro Advance formulas that feature no artificial growth hormones and feature proven ingredients your child needs to grow healthy and strong. It even contains Human Milk Oligosaccharide, an immune-nourishing prebiotic that is necessary to strengthen your infant’s immune system just like real breastmilk. You can save up to 10% on Similac products like the Pro-Advance formula when you purchase them through Walmart or use the Similac website and save up to $2 on any non-GMO formula. Also like Enfamil, Similac offers a rewards program called Strong Moms that gives you savings and other benefits, providing up to $400 in savings.

  • Save up to 10% off at Walmart
  • $2 off non-GMO formulas
  • Reward program available


Costco is easily one of the best places to get deals on formula. There is perhaps no better deal than the Kirkland Signature Non-GMO Infant Formula that comes in a 34 oz container. You can get these in stores or have them shipped to you, but you must be a Costco member. Members who purchase their formula online can buy three containers at a low price of $50, giving you 102oz of formula for the cost of two 22oz containers of regular formula. And if you prefer the name brand formulas, you’ll also find you can get them at a great price too. For instance, you can get two 21oz containers for less than $42 – a savings of about $10. Check out Costco online for more great deals on the top formula brands.

  • Buy by the bulk
  • Save up to $5 per container on name brands
  • Three containers of Kirkland formula for just $50


Give your baby the nutrition it deserves without breaking the bank. The top deals on the best formula brands make budgeting around your baby’s need a lot more doable.