The Three Best CPAP Machines



There’s no need to keep suffering from sleep apnea! Finding the best CPAP machine may be all that’s in the way of achieving a great night’s sleep. CPAP machines effectively treat sleep apnea, providing much needed relief from the problems associated with this condition. Individuals with sleep apnea experience blockages in their airways, which prints oxygen from getting to the lungs and the rest of the body. The blockages and lack of oxygen cause the body to physically wake up several times a night, resulting in poor quality sleep as well as a variety of more serious symptoms, such as depression, difficulty concentrating, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

CPAP machines are made up of three main parts to help users breathe and sleep through the night: the CPAP unit, the hose, and the mask. A CPAP machine blows air through the hose and mask, keeping the airway open and oxygen flowing freely. CPAP machines are offered as treatment to those who have been diagnosed with sleep apnea by a doctor. In some cases, insurance policies cover the cost of sleep apnea therapy. The top three CPAP machines include the DreamStation Auto CPAP, the DreamStation BiPAP Pro with humidifier, and the DreamStation Auto BiPAP with humidifier. Read on to find out more about why these CPAP machines are considered the best.

Top Three CPAP Machines

  • DreamStation Auto CPAP
  • DreamStation BiPAP Pro
  • DreamStation Auto BiPAP

DreamStation Auto CPAP

The DreamStation Auto CPAP is a stylish, modern, and streamlined CPAP machine that is considered one of the best overall. This CPAP product adjusts to each person’s needs, changing air pressure and timing based on the user’s breath patterns. This machine has many advanced features, including a heated tube, a humidifier, and data that can be displayed via SD card or Bluetooth on the DreamMapper app for smartphones. The Dreamstation Auto CPAP is easy to use, with a menu and buttons that are simple to read and use. Filters can be changed quickly and easily, and this CPAP machine is a dream to transport, weighing less than three pounds and easily fitting into a backpack. The DreamStation Auto CPAP comes with a two year warranty and costs around $880.

  • Adjusts to user’s breath patterns
  • Humidifier and heated tube
  • Easy to transport

DreamStation BiPAP Pro

The DreamStation BiPAP Pro with humidifier is a fixed pressure machine that provides consistent and comfortable oxygen levels through the night. Advanced features on the BiPap Pro include WiFi, cell phone capability, two step air filtration, a heated tube and humidifier, and an SD card for storing CPAP data. The menu is intuitive and the buttons are simple to use, with sensors that adjust screen brightness to the light in the room. The DreamStation BiPAP Pro with humidifier also comes with a two-year warranty, and costs around $700.

  • Consistent fixed pressure
  • Humidifier and heated tube
  • Two year warranty

DreamStation Auto BiPAP

The DreamStation Auto BiPAP with humidifier is smaller but still packs a punch. This is an auto-adjusting machine that automatically changes pressures during the night to help users with both inhalation and exhalation. Smaller than the average CPAP machine, this product takes up a lot less space and is easy to transport. In fact, the DreamStation Auto BiPAP is 30% lighter than the competition. With the EZ start feature, users can get right to making the adjustments needed for the level of therapy they need. This CPAP machine retails for more than $1,000 and comes with a two-year warranty.

  • Smaller than other CPAP machines
  • Easy to use on the go
  • Automatically changes pressure for inhalation and exhalation