The Best Treatments for Multiple Sclerosis



Treat multiple sclerosis now! The best multiple sclerosis treatments can delay or prevent disability, giving you the ability to live a relatively normal, active life. With pills and injectable medications available, you can find a treatment option that works best for you. While there is currently no cure, treatments are working better than ever to prevent relapses and stop the progression of this debilitating condition. Thanks to more effective medications under development, doctors are getting closer than ever to finding that elusive cure. In the meantime, there are plenty of medications that are helping multiple sclerosis patients from all over. To learn more about the best multiple sclerosis treatments, compare these options.

Top Multiple Sclerosis Treatments

  • Tecfidera
  • Aubagio
  • Ocrevus


Eliminating the need for injections, Tecfidera is an MS medication that reduces the rate of relapses, cutting the number of relapses in half, as well as reducing the length. It also works to delay the progression of MS and limits the number of MS brain lesions, delivering visibly noticeable results. It is currently the most prescribed pill for relapsing MS in the United States. It’s also extremely affordable too, especially for patients who are eligible for a $0 co-pay program. Tecfidera is taken twice each day and may be taken with or without food. A low dose may be prescribed at first and then gradually increased. Side effects may include skin irritation or upset stomach symptoms.

  • Reduces the rate of relapses
  • Taken twice a day
  • Helps delay progression


A more aggressive medication, Aubagio is a medication that needs to be taken only once daily. Aubagio is thought to work by decreasing the levels of lymphocytes, or rather immune cells in the blood, that are responsible for attacking the nerves of the brain and spinal cord. Aubagio is so strong and effective that it actually may take up to two years for the medication to leave your system. The medication can be taken with or without food but should be taken around the same time each day if possible. On the downside, Aubagio comes with a great deal of side effects including nausea, tingling, and diarrhea. Many patients have also experienced hair loss but this is usually temporary and will stop after you stop taking the medication.

  • Taken once a day
  • Can take two years to leave your blood
  • May cause hair loss


The first of its kind, Ocrevus is the only treatment for the primary progressive form of MS. In a clinical study with over 732 patients, Ocrevus was found to effectively improve MRI results, delaying the progression more effectively than anything else out there. The humanized immunoglobulin antibody medication also works for relapsing MS, reducing the frequency of relapses as well as the severity of symptoms. Clinical trials showed that a majority of 1,656 patients found a noticeable improvement of their condition. Slowing the rate of disability, Ocrevus is one of the most exciting treatment options in recent years, showing a lot of promise in the development of better medications in the future. The treatment is usually delivered intravenously by a healthcare professional, so taking it in a doctor’s office or hospital setting may be necessary. Side effects may include reactions at the injection site, as well as symptoms like low blood pressure, nausea, and fever.

  • Best results for primary progressive MS
  • Also helps with relapsing MS
  • Delivered intravenously


If you have MS, there’s no reason to give up hope. The best MS medications available can prevent relapses and delay the progression of your condition so that you can lead a normal life. Ask your doctor about the top treatments today.