Supplemental Health Insurance



Supplemental health insurance plans can help seniors pay for medical expenses not covered by their primary insurance policies. Available from a number of private healthcare providers, supplemental health insurance plans cover things such as hospital stays, coverage deductibles, co-insurance costs, hospice care, blood transfusions, and even the costs of medical expenses incurred while traveling overseas. Best of all, most supplemental plans are affordable for seniors on fixed incomes. Here, we will review some of the best healthcare supplemental plans available right now. If you’re thinking about protecting yourself with supplemental healthcare, then read on to learn more about these great options.

Top 3 Supplemental Health Insurance Plans:

  • Humana
  • Cigna
  • United Healthcare Insurance Company


Humana is among the nation’s largest providers of private health insurance, and its supplemental insurance policies are designed to reduce costs for seniors. Humana’s A and B plans pay for medical expenses, hospice care, coinsurance, and more. Humana Plan F is the company’s best offering, covering up to three pints of blood, skilled nursing insurance, overseas medical bills, and more. With so many years in the insurance business, you will be in good hands while youo’re with Humana.


  • Range of supplemental plans
  • Best is Plan F
  • Years of experience in insurance


Next on our list is Cigna, another supplemental health insurance provider with years of experience in the industry. Cigna offers its policy holders great flexibility in choosing their own doctors, and anyone who buys supplemental insurance is guaranteed the right to renew their policies regardless of their health issues. Cigna’s supplemental plans cover copatient deductables and co-insurance payments, overseas medical costs, hospice care, pints of blood, and much more.


  • Flexibility in choosing doctors
  • Easy to renew policies
  • Generous benefits

United Healthcare Insurance Company

United Healthcare Insurance Company administers the supplemental healthcare plans available to members of AARP, a national senior advocacy group. These United plans are some of the best available, and they’re the most popular plans among seniors in the United States. In addition, a survey by United Healthcare Insurance Company found that 96 percent of policy holders are happy with their supplemental plans. These supplemental policies include all the benefits of most other supplemental plans, and they also include additional prescription drug benefits.


  • Plans available through AARP
  • Most popular supplemental insurance provider among seniors
  • Plans have prescription drug benefits


Medical supplemental insurance is invaluable for seniors who are worried about medical costs. For just a little extra money each month, seniors get peace of mind that they’ll be able to pay for the medical care they need. Be sure to contact several health insurance providers in your area to get the best rates on supplemental insurance.