Best Home Meal Delivery Services



If you love cooking at home, but don’t have the time to plan and shop for a meal, then a meal delivery service is the perfect option to take care of those details and let you focus on being the chef. These delivery services have reinvented the way dinner is prepared and served inside the home. Single people, working couples and large families all have busy schedules, and choosing this option helps to ensure having a fresh home-cooked meal during the week. The market is a hotbed, with new meal delivery services opening at a blink of an eye. The goal from all involved is to deliver a variety of dishes made with fresh ingredients that offer an error-free cooking experience in the kitchen.

Top Three Meal Delivery Services

  • Blue Apron
  • Hello Fresh
  • Plated

Blue Apron

Blue Apron is the gold standard in the meal delivery service industry because they brought fun back into the kitchen. The company’s goal with each recipe delivered is to introduce a new cooking technique to the buyer, which will remain in their repertoire forever. All dishes offered in Blue Apron’s menu have several steps of the recipe that needs to be cooked before the meal can be served. Each package contains a single page instruction sheet that makes cooking very easy. The average preparation time tends to run approximately 30-45 minutes long. The protein is chilled over ice in the shipping process, while the remaining ingredients are packed in individual paper bags. Often, Blue Apron will make suggestions on the type of wine to serve with your meal.


  • Improves your culinary skills
  • The ingredients are delivered fresh and prepared
  • A single instruction sheet that makes cooking easy

Hello Fresh

The entrees offered by Hello Fresh have fewer steps that need to be completed before a meal can be served, and this might turn off a few who love to cook. Several of their dinner menu options might be considered too easy to prepare than what is offered by the other competing meal delivery services. However, Hello Fresh is very customer friendly as all of their packaging fits perfectly inside a refrigerator. The company partners with celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, who offers a bit more complex dishes, but the flavoring and spices are precisely measured, so not to ruin the taste of the entrée. First-timers to Hello Fresh will love the simplicity of each recipe offered as the ingredients come in individual bags. Plus, the portions are the appropriate sized to the number of people requested on your order.


  • Challenge your cooking skills by ordering a Jamie Oliver recipe
  • First-timers will love the simplicity of each recipe
  • Portions are appropriate sized for all


By far, Plated requires the most preparation time of all of the meal delivery services on the market today. You will have to slice, dice and chop the ingredients before putting them in a pan to cook. This meal delivery service may not be the right choice for larger families, as the task of cooking all of the ingredients might be too much to handle for just one person. However, the finished product is a delicious freshly cooked dining extravaganza. Check each entrée before selecting as the prep time and cooking technique do vary. The more complex meals do have confusing instructions at times.


  • The longest preparation time
  • Not the right choice for large families
  • Cooking techniques do vary from entrée-to-entree


A subscription to a meal delivery service is one of the better options available to those individuals who have a hectic schedule. The best part of these services is that it doesn’t take too long to create a meal. The meal delivery service allows every would-be home cook to get into their own comfort zone before venturing out on more difficult recipes. Many of the selections are pure classics enjoyed by all, but other options have a different twist on the more popular dinner entrées. The majority of these services provide quality ingredients, and the finished product is often too good to be true.