Best 3 Double-Seat Strollers



The history of baby strollers is on the same continuum as the development of all forms of transport. Today, the baby stroller meets the needs of an active family that does not want to leave the baby behind. The inventors of baby strollers came from all walks of life and strollers reflected their needs to be with their children when ever possible, even when jogging. The materials used in constructing strollers withstand the rigors of the environment, on and off the road. All the manufacturers build strollers to hold more than one baby by converting the mono-stroller to a duo-stroller. The best strollers are innovative, functional and safely transport your baby.

Best 3 Double-Seat Strollers

  • Baby Jogger City Select
  • Uppababy Vista
  • Bugaboo Donkey

Baby Jogger City Select

In 1984, Phil Baechler created his first jogging stroller to solve the problem of how busy and active parents can safely be with their children. Baechler used a stroller while he jogged with his children. Baby Jogger offers a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. In 2005, Baby Jogger introduced the City Series Stroller which can be easily converted to a tandem stroller. The Baby Jogger City Select stroller provides a canopy and footrest which can be extended as the child grows. A useful feature of the stroller is that the children can face their parents who need to commute. The City Select will accommodate an infant car seat adapter for the use of the car seat for babies in their first six months. Rubber Maid has recently purchased Baby Jogger.


  • The stroller easily converts to a tandem or a double stroller.
  • There is a lifetime warranty against defects.
  • The stroller has a canopy and footrest that can be extended as the child grows.

Uppababy Vista

In 2005, Robert and Lauren Monahan, co-foundered Uppababy. They both worked at Reebok. Bob Monahan invented and designed products such as cabinet locks, baby monitors, and designed products for Ford and Reebok. When he visited a factory in Taiwan, he just happened to see a stroller body. This stroller body provided him with the initiative to develop a stroller. Uppababy was funded by the Monahan’s and their friends. The Monahan’s created a high end $600 baby stroller complete with shock absorbers, aluminum frame, all-terrain large wheels, interchangeable seats and a handle that adjusts to one’s height. The stroller has an undercarriage that is large enough to hold groceries. The Uppababy Vista is converted into a double stroller by adding a second seat (Rumble Seat) and Upper Adapters.


  • An undercarriage that holds groceries.
  • Interchangeable seats with an adjustable handle.
  • Stroller converts to a double with a Rumble Seat and Upper Adjusters.

Bugaboo Donkey

In 1996, Bugaboo International B.V., a Dutch design company was founded, by an entrepreneur, Eduard Zanen, and Max Barenbrug. In 1999, the first Bugaboo stroller was manufactured in Holland. In 2011 the Bugaboo Donkey was introduced to the market and was a highly versatile stroller. The stroller has interchangeable seats. The Bugaboos’ reversing seats make it possible to put children to any desired position. The Bugaboo Donkey has seventeen different configurations and has air-filled tires which will hold at least 75 pounds, of children, not including cargo basket. The Bugaboo strollers have a basic, uncomplicated design, which reminds one of a classic, iconic stroller, with a one seat frame. The Bugaboo Donkey is recommended for twins, sitting side by side, and it is designed to be easily converted, with three clicks, from mono to a duo stroller. The Bugaboo Donkey duo has no problems fitting into narrower spaces than the other two strollers, in that its width is only 5.4 inches wider than its mono-configuration.


  • Seventeen different configurations.
  • Interchangeable seats.
  • Recommended for twins.


In 1733, William Kent developed a stroller which was ordered by the Duke of Devonshire to carry his children and was pulled by a goat or pony. The first baby carriage was invented in the 1830’s, which was built of wood or wicker, put together by brass joints. The high costs of the best strollers are remarkable. The Uppababy will market from around $550 to as much as $1,100. The Bugaboo Donkey will retail around $350 for infants and close to $2,000 for the double stroller for children, and the Baby Jogger City Select will range from $550 to $700.